Be Aware Of Biodegradable Cat Litter

Biodegradable Cat Litter

If you love your cat as much as the environment, you will not hesitate to use the popular biodegradable cat litter in your home. This statement is emphasized in the website that talks about caring for domestic cats. For more information, cat owners can browse the website to get additional information. Having a domestic pet cat at your home is like having your child. You would like to give it the best, as much as possible. One way to do this is by choosing the best biodegradable litter box for it.

Why select a biodegradable cat litter?

Studies reveal that carbon footprint of cat litter can be even compared to that of our car. Hence, as pet owners, we have the responsibility in reducing the impact of cat litter on the environment by using the right biodegradable cat litter. This unique litter bag or box not only saves the environment but also protects the health of other family members as well the pet.

Choose the right biodegradable litter box

Consider the biodegradable one that has features such as materials, style, vents, transparency, size, durability, cost, automation and product guarantee. The ideal potty is, of course, one that your cat likes the most. No matter how you like it, if the cat does not want to use it, then it is useless. It must be compatible with your chosen litter. It must be easy for you to clean. It should be hard wearing, with proper visibility and ventilation. Its size should accommodate the size of your pet. For kittens roughly three inches in height, you would need a shallow potty while for adult cats more than six inches, you have to buy a deeper potty.

Consider the design:

There are few basic designs of cat potty. Each design offers its advantages and disadvantages.

Covered type: These are traditional rectangular pans that include a hood for cover. An opening is placed at one end of entrance and exit. The hood is usually made higher to accommodate a cat whether it is sitting or standing position.

Self-cleaning type: These potties function electrically. A timed sensor is activated several minutes after the animal has left it. Upon activation, the cleaning cycle begins: a rake will slide to the litter and scoop faeces and urine toward a well. The drawback is that the rake could not get all the dirt and could become clogged. Such boxes are expensive and come with one year warranty only.

There here are few things you need to keep it in mind. As men and women, cats too are creatures of habits. Cats resist any change, and they have their rights to decide while changing to a new litter. Hence, as a smart owner implement the change of using biodegradable litter step by step.

Try a slow change instead of a sudden transition, which cannot bring the desired results. Use the old litter as well as the new biodegradable litter together for some time and later withdraw the old one, when the cat starts using the new one. Remember, no one likes to follow the too much change occurring at once. One step at a time can work better for getting the right results. It is still a worth try, as such a transition is one of the great ways of preserving our wonderful planet Earth.

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