Cong-Rats! Here Are Few Tips On Taking Care Of Rats

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Jerry the mouse in the famous cartoon show and Remy in the movie Ratatouille looked cute and adorable on-screen. If you ever dreamt of keeping pet rats, remember that these rodents are squeaky clean and make great pets. If you are an amateur in this field, search for pet advice or you can become a volunteer and adopt a pet.

Meanwhile, here are some pet care tips to help you get started.

Type Of Cage
· Buy a spacious wire cage for your pet rat. The bigger, the better, as these rodents are active and love to play around. The floor of the pet cage should have a solid surface rather than a wired mesh as it can injure their tiny feet. If you think glass cages are stylish, they are not suggested for rodent lovers as it lacks sufficient ventilation.
· Litter training your rats from an early age helps keep their cage neat and tidy. Give your pets some private moments by placing a nest box where they can doze off to sleep. You can place a simple cardboard box with bedding made from bits of paper.
· If you have an old towel, use them to make a hammock for your pet.
· Ensure that their cage is placed away from direct sunlight or rain, as rats can die when subjected to extreme heat and cold weather conditions.

Rat Food
· Feed your pet rat grains, dry dog food, and bits of vegetables. These creatures are omnivores, and you can find pet food in shops. Avoid feeding them frequently as they can get fat and they look sluggish. Once in awhile, give them a piece of fruit or sunflower seed as a treat.
· Place a bottle or bowl of fresh and clean drinking water. If you are using a bottle, check them regularly for any leakages or blocks. Glass bottles must be completely avoided as the sharp edges can be fatal for these tiny creatures.

Health Matters
· When you feed your pet, observe their general appearance and look out for signs of ill health. Rats are affected by diseases of the respiratory system, and they can be transmitted from one unhealthy rat to another.
· If you notice a red discharge from the corner of their eyes, they are considered a sign of ill health and stress.
· Seek advice from a vet in matters relating to castration of the male rat. This is generally done to do away with unwanted rat litter and stop hostility towards other species.
· Rats are clean animals and spend most of their time grooming their tail and body. You can give them a sponge bath using a gentle animal shampoo. In case you have a query, consult a vet.

Playtime, Folks!
· As seen in their nature, rats are active creatures and need an hour of playtime or entertainment every day. Before you open the door of the cage, ensure that the interior of the room is clean and safe.
· All the windows and doors must be firmly latched to prevent the rats from running away. There should be no presence of potted plants as there are few varieties that are dangerous to these rodents. All cables lying on the floor must be properly passed through a pipe.
· Rats love to chew on paper or boxes. Avoid sharp objects or materials that can lead to serious damage.

Two’s Company
Rats are socially active and enjoy the company of other rats. Buy a same-sex rat and watch the two prance around.

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