Golden Gate Park San Francisco-A Must Visit Place For All Nature Lovers!

Golden Gate Park

If museums, gardens, etc. are your places of interest, then you should visit Golden Gate Park at least once. Golden Gate Park is huge and covers more than one thousand square acres. There are a lot of attractions in this park which portrays the character of San Francisco. Have a look at IfOnly to know about the interesting things that await you there!

According to, Golden Gate Park is perfect for a morning or evening stroll enjoying the scenic beauty around. Here are a few interesting things about Golden Gate Park!

The place where this park is located was full of sand dunes in the past. John McLaren, a trained gardener from Scotland, was appointed to convert the area into a garden. In order to stabilize the land, sixty thousand trees were planted initially. Some of the most popular attractions like the DeYoung Museum and the Japanese tea museum were constructed during the early period.

The Golden Gate Park was the shelter for a lot of refugees after the destructive earthquake which took place in early 19th century. This park was the spot where people used to gather for different purposes such as protests, events, etc. The Hippie Hill still serves as the gathering spot for many.

At present, Golden Gate Park is ranked among the top five most visited parks in the U.S. Millions of people visit this park every year.

The following are the gardens in the Golden Gate Park.

· Japanese Tea Gardens- This is the favorite space for tea lovers. You can sit down and enjoy a few sips of fresh tea enjoying the serenity around.
· Tulip garden- An exquisite tulip garden is located on the western end of the park. The long array of freshly bloomed tulip flowers is surely a breathtaking view.

· Strybing Arboretum Botanical Gardens- This is the perfect place to escape into from the busy city life. Plants from all around the world are here, covering an area of fifty acres. The garden entry is free of cost for local residents. It is free for all on second Tuesday of every month and also on certain holidays.

· Rose garden- There is an excellent rose garden which reaches its peak beauty in late spring. There is a flower show which happens every January.

· Shakespeare’s flowers garden- This is a very unique garden in the Golden Gate Park. A wide variety of flowers is displayed in this garden. The most interesting thing is that each flower is adorned with famous Shakespeare quotes.

Other attractions

AIDS memorial grove- This is a national memorial garden set up in remembrance of millions of people who lost their lives due to AIDS.

Indoor flower conservatory- If you love flowers, then you must never miss this indoor collection of flowers. The conservatory is made of glass and wood.

Stow Lake and Spreckels Lake-You can enjoy boat riding and duck feeding here.

In addition to these, there are museums, archery fields, soccer fields, handball courts, etc. In short, Golden Gate Park has all that is required to spend your time joyfully.

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