How To Diffuse Essential Oils

Diffuse Essential Oils

Use of essential oils has a lot of health benefits. These essential oils when released into the air has benefits like adding natural aroma or fragrance to air which can elevate your mood, act as a repellant and keeps insects and mosquitoes away, improve sleep, kills microbes and lessens chances of cold and flu, improves brain functioning, etc. Since the aromatic essential oils evaporate quickly, a diffuser is used, so that disperses the oil slowly into the air. Essential Oil Diffuser Hub lists many such diffusers.
As per a report by, there are a plenty of diffusers that are available in the market listed a few.

Tea Light Diffusers
Add a few drops of essential oils and water to a ceramic container and heat it with a tea lite candle. The steam generated by the container will induce the air with those aromatic vapors.

It is not very expensive.
Come in attractive, varied shapes and sizes
Quickly breaks
Need to buy Candles
Strength of the aroma decreases after a few minutes
Sometimes water can boil over and spill

It is a device that pumps air through a vial which is filled with essential oils. It consists of a pump and a nebulizer which sprinkles oil. The oil is induced into the air uniformly throughout the room.

The nebulizer helps split the molecules very small.
Best for people with breathing problems
Breakable and parts are expensive to replace.
The device needs regular cleaning, especially when thick oils are used.

Neck Diffuser
As the name indicates, this diffuser is worn around the neck. You inhale the essentials oils as they evaporate.

Looks beautiful as well as enhances your health
Can act as a deodorizer without putting it on your skin.
Prevents you from catching a cold with the antibacterial properties of essential oils.
Great gifting idea for your dear ones.
Needs frequent freshening after the pendant is worn for some time

It works just like a room freshener; you can fill the bottle with essential oils and water. Dilute the solution depending on the concentration of the oil.

Freshens the room immediately.
Can be used to mask bad smell
Easy to carry around, other than a spray bottle no need of any other equipment.
Cannot use plastic bottles as the essentials oils can get corroded.
Glass bottles are breakable

These diffusers have to be plugged into the wall or a charger unit. The diffuser uses pads on which the oil is added. With the help of low heat generated the oil evaporates into the air.

Portable and inexpensive.
Pads can be reused
Pads cannot be reused if a different aroma is required.
If the pads are kept unused after adding oil, it can emanate bad smell.
Supply of pads needed.

Ultrasonic diffusers
Works just like a nebulizer, essential oils are split into small molecules and induced into the air.

Low maintenance and cost-effective.
The quantity of oil needed is very less.
Some diffusers are noisy, especially when used in small spaces.
Output adjustments are not available, so by trial and error need to adjust the quantity of oil added to the diffuser

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