Know The Causes And Treatment Of Bedwetting

Causes And Treatment Of Bedwetting

Bedwetting is known to be a symptom of few underlying health disorders, and a large number of children in the age group between three and ten are affected in most countries. According to the medical experts from malem bed wetting clinic, the aspect of bedwetting has been considered as a development issue, not a disease. As per the website, there are two types of bedwetting in children namely primary and secondary. In the case of primary, the issue of bedwetting has been happening right from the childhood without any break. On the other hand, the secondary type commences after the child has been dry at night for a specific period, at least few weeks.

Millions of children across the world wet their beds due to the common nocturnal sleep disorder. As per medical experts, bedwetting occurs due to things like stress, fatigue, and even few behavioral issues. Genetics can also be considered as one of the causes for bedwetting. One can inherit this bedwetting issue from the parents and grandparents. If you are a parent of a bedwetting child, you have the responsibility to treat your kid and hence have a medical consultation if the issue is prolonging for more than two or three weeks.

Some of the real causes of bedwetting are listed below:

Genetic factors which tend to run in families
Urinary tract infections and abnormalities of urethral valves or ureter
Certain abnormal condition found in the spinal cord
Hassles in getting up from sleep
Inability to control urine flow because of under sized bladder

Actual symptoms of bedwetting:
Though the causes of bedwetting are not clear to the medical experts there are few symptoms found to be in dominant in kids or adults of bedwetters: Few of them are listed here:
Frequent constipation
Burning sensation during urination
Frequent urination with pinkish color and even blood stains

Medical experts administer some treatments for bedwetting which include:

Medication: Few drugs are prescribed in smaller dosages for kids as well as senior adults. Prolonged usage of medications is not recommended which can cause some side effects.
Usage of gadgets: Bedwetting alarms are recommended which come in different types. These tiny electronic gadgets come in pad form with a moisture sensor attached to it. These alarms wake up the kids as soon as it senses the moisture and makes them visit the toilet.
Restricted fluid intake: This is strongly recommended as the bedwetters are suggested to take less fluid intake before going to sleep.
Hypnosis: This is another method used in few countries to make the bedwetters to wake up when the bladder is filled.

Bedwetting is not a serious issue as this symptom tends to run in families due to genetic reasons. When diagnosed rightly due to genetic reason parents can stop worrying and motivate the kids that they will get away from this menace. According to history, kids who have this symptom of bedwetting due to genetic reason will stop this habit automatically at about the age of their parents or grandparents did.