Reasons Why You Need Essential Oils In Your Life

Essential Oil

Recently an aria diffuser review detailed the almost magical qualities of an essential oil diffuser. It explained how a diffuser could set the mood with light, sound music, mood lighting and incredible fragrances that seep into the very soul. Even the design of the diffuser adds to the overall aesthetics and capabilities. This led to research on essential oils itself. The site notes that if essential oils are used as the way, they were meant to be, they can easily replace most of the medicines in our cabinets. This is because they come from a natural resource, are effective fast and very safe so much so that they can also be used on children. Essential oils can virtually solve any problem from a small bee sting to a more complex issue like insomnia. The question is why to use an over-the-counter medicine on your delicate infant or toddler when natural oil can speed up the healing.

Essential oils have been used for thousands and thousands of years. From religious reasons to cosmetic to spiritual, they have found use in almost every aspect of our lives. Aromatherapy, the practice of applying an essential oil to the skin or inhaling it, promotes an overall sense of health. Essential oils are taken from some part of a plant like a root, flower or leaves. It can be massaged into the skin after mixing it with another component like cream. In today’s modern world essential oil are used by diffusing them in the air of a room using a mechanical or electrical machine.

The process of extraction of essential oils from a plant part can be done in three ways – cold pressing, resin tapping or steam distillation. The oils thus extracted are more powerful in their effect than the plant part itself. So how does one use an essential oil to enhance life and bring a healthy glow? One of the simple ways is to consume it along with your food. Another way is to apply it to your skin. But the best way is to diffuse in the air of the room. Aromatic diffusion can be done using an aria air diffuser. It is especially beneficial to the entire family because every person who breathes the air gets the benefits. This translates to a healthy family and a happy family.

How do essential oils promote happiness or good emotional well-being? They do so by enhancing the mood. Let’s say for instance the smell of peeled orange makes you happy. By using an essential oil that smells like orange you trigger that feeling of happiness and reminisce on memories that bring a smile to the face. This, in turn, makes you feel peaceful, balanced and joyful. Because essential oils have a varied range of fragrances, every type of oil can help promote a different emotional state.

From a relaxed jasmine to sultry lavender to a joyful orange to peppermint freshness with every essential oil one can infuse a different state of mind in the air.