Learning The Basics- Be A Good Golf Player


Have you decided to try a hand at playing golf? Not sure if you can do it? Not to worry at all. With practice, you will be able to master the tactics of the game easily. The important point is to keep your practice constant and regular. If you are serious about becoming a great golf player, being regular plays a big role. As the saying goes, practice makes you perfect. Let’s talk about killer points regarding how to hit a golf ball for beginners. You can’t go wrong if you follow these points. If you need more advice, always go through www.wikihow.com to get further information.

First things first, you need to make sure you have the proper equipment. Without the suitable equipment, it is not possible to achieve perfection in any sport. Even though you are a good player, faulty equipment tends to ruin your game. Note the following carefully:-

You Need A Driver With A Proper Loft
The tip to remember here is that in order to drive the ball longer for a great shot, the ball has to be way high up in the air with good trajectory. You get to be more consistent in all your shots when your driver loft is around 11.5 degrees. The professional players use driver lofts between 9 to 10 degrees. The higher your loft is, the farther the ball is carried. It is also the most suitable when you are playing in wet conditions. The carry and roll of the ball is influenced to a great deal by the loft of the driver. Similarly is you need a lower drive with more roll, or when you are playing on a flat and straight fairway, get a lower loft. This will help drive the shots right home.

Get A Suitable Ball
This is a tricky one. The ball should suit the player. Everyone will have a unique style of playing. Choosing the ball will depend on:

The feel of the ball is the most important here. How you stand, how you master the swing, how you position the club etc are all factors that decide the bounce and roll of the ball. The best option for you as a beginner is to perform a trial and error series. First, talk to a professional and describe your style of play. This will help them understand what you are looking for. Being experienced with the terrain, they will be able to give you good suggestions. Then check with the shop dealer as well. They also may know some excellent tips that will prove very useful. Try out a few shots with the balls at the shop and choose the one that FEELS that it is the one.

Picking the right club and choosing the right Tee should also be considered very carefully. Do not go wrong in any of this.Get advice from good players. Of course as a beginner you have the liberty to make a few errors. However, make sure to learn from those and find your way towards becoming a professional.