3 Easy Steps That Will Make You To Grout Wall Tiles

Grout the Tiles wall

Did you find gaps between your wall tiles? Does it give a shabby look? If yes is your answer, then do not worry, you can fill the gaps all by yourself with these simple tips. All that you have to do is mix grout, spread over the tiles and finally clean up to obtain a professional and smooth look. You can choose an appropriate color for the grout so that it suits the décor of your home. So, here goes the step by step instructions for how to grout wall tiles.

Mixing the grout
You can begin the work by wearing your safety gears and gloves. Take a clean bucket and add a little water to it. Then add a small amount of grout powder. Now, start mixing the powder to obtain an even consistency like that of the toothpaste. If you find the mix thicker, then add a few more drops of water. If the mixture becomes runny, then use extra grout powder.

Applying the grout
Before spreading the mixture to the tiles, lay down drop sheets on the floor to protect it. Use a tape to secure the drop sheets in its place. Start removing the spacers amidst the tiles. Now take a grout float to apply the mixture on the tiles. Make sure you fill each tile joint completely with diagonal strokes to fill the gaps. Then clean away the excess grout by using the float’s flat edge. Now allow the grout mixture to set in the joints.

Wiping the extra grout
After the grout mix is set, take a wet sponge and wipe away the excess mix in the wall tiles. Again, use diagonal strokes for wiping. Repeat this process until you obtain a nice, smooth, and clean joint filled with grout all over. Allow the tiles to dry. Finally, use a soft cloth to buff tiles. Hope these tips will benefit you in the grouting process.