10 key points to note

10 key points to note

Gatyatmak Jyotish has introduced 10 key points to note & adjust with the power of time.

1. Very few people are such as their most of the planets are strong or most parts of life is pleasant.

2. Very few people are such as their most of the planets are weak and almost major span of life is painful considering every aspect.

3. Your good and bad times keep going on as per the life graph based on your birth time planetary movements. So just don't worry about it and do your work properly.

4. Search for the work of your own interest for your livelihood because you can make your own recognition to a great extent by the work of your hobby only.

5. A person doing work doesn't get proper success during his/her bad times but experience goes on incrhasing by which there becomes chances of his/her being success.

6. People who get success more than their expectations during their good times often become careless due to which the probability of their getting failures incrhases in future.

7. If good times come in the beginning then utilise your power properly, do work of welfare, forthcoming bad time doesn't create any big problem such a way.

8. If good time comes first then never misutilise your power because your further bad time may trouble you a lot.

9. If bad times come first in the beginning then have patience and do your work properly. Time gets changed anytime and you get good results of your good actions done previously.

10. If bad time comes in life in the beginning then don't stop doing work by losing patience because if you don't work, you will not be able to get anything in your good times because of your inactive tendencies.

10 key points to note

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