astrology remedies in hindi

Astrology remedies in hindi

According to GatyatmakJyotish, the cause for one’s various physiological, psychological and other problems in life are weak or unfavourable planetary positions. ( astrology remedies in hindi ) These problems can be minimized only by reducing the effect of these planets on the person, through the following ways:-

1. Time Management –Travellers often reach their destination even in the dark, students forget their watches at home but still complete their exams and people complete an entire year without a calendar, however the presence of a torch, a watch and an organised calendar at appropriate times makes everything significantly easier and less tense. GatyatmakJyotish does a similar job – it is impossible to completely revert the negative effects of a planet, but methods of reducing negative and boosting positive effects can be easily known through a consultation.

2. Effective ring or locket –Moon is in its weakest position on New Moon day but grows day-by-day and becomes most powerful during Full Moon. If one reflects upon their psychological condition on these two days, they will definitely find a difference. Wearing a a ring or a locket,forged from completely molten pure silver on a full moon day, affects the wearer with positive energy of the moon contained in it and boosts his psychological capabilities.These rings must be made when most planets are in favourable positions with respect to the location where they are forged. This auspicious two hour period can be determined to improve effectiveness of the rings.

3. Choosing colours – GatyatmakJyotish suggests ‘colour therapy’ as an effective method of diminishing or amplifying planetary effects. It is known that difference in the colour of various substances is the reason behind the difference in absorption and reflection of visible light rays between them. Using the same principle, the colour white can be associated with the Moon, green with Mercury, red with Mars,sparkly white with Venus, fire red with the sun, yellow with Jupiter and black with Saturn. Incorporating these colours in your life in the form of stones, clothes, everyday objects and even walls in your house can help reap benefits from corresponding planets.

4. Effect of Social Circles –Man is a social animal and one is often exposed to several facts about the weightage of one’s social life in shaping a person. It is said that one is the average of five people that one spends the most time with. GatyatmakJyotish accepts the significance of one’s social circles. The person with negative effects of a planet should establish relationships with people that have positive effects of the same. For example, a child born on New Moon day has a weaker personality development, which is ruled by the moon and hence is suppressed in society due to his introverted nature. However, if encouraged to interact with extroverted children, born during the Full Moon, the child’s personality may change with time. The same applies to other aspects of life and their respective planets.

5. Importance of Charity – The importance of charity on auspicious occasions and festivals in suppressing negative effects of planets is well documented in ancient Hindu religious texts. Charity,which corresponds to weakness in one’s planetary positions, helps in reducing negative effects of the same. For example, one who has a weak Moon should make donations to the orphanage, especially to unprivileged children under 12 years of age. Similarly, one with a weak Mercury should donate to research or help in intellectual development of students. A person with weak Mars should help young adults and mentor them to achieve success. One with a negative Venus should help out in marriages of girls and ones with a weak sun should help victims of natural calamities and disasters. Ones with weak Jupiter would benefit from taking care of and serving their elders and teachers, and ones with a weak Saturn should donate to old age homes and help nearby elders with their needs.

6. Significance of flora – All animals, including humans, have been in a symbiotic relationship with plants, helping each other to constantly evolve over millions of years. GatyatmakJyotish understands this connection and subscribes relevant steps to improve it. For example, a person with weak Moon should plant small leaved medicinal herbs like Tulsi, while one with weak Mercury should plant small non-flower / non-fruit bearing plants or small green fruit bearing plants.Similarly, one with weak Mars should plant red coloured fruit and flower bearing trees, while those with a weak Venus should plant white-coloured fruit and flower bearing trees. Ones with weak Sun must plant fire red-coloured fruit and flower bearing trees, and those with weak Jupiter must plant yellow-coloured fruit and flower bearing trees. People who have a weak Saturn may benefit from planting the Sacred Fig or Banyan trees.

7. Prayer – Often in life we are faced with situations that neither we can handle on our own nor can we take help from others to solve. It is at this time we remember and begin praying to a higher power. Prayer to a higher power helps us in establishing a connection to not only to the power, but also to nature. While spiritual and religious people pray often, others obtain faith and prayin times of distress. In order to pray successfully, one must submit oneself completely and bow down from all pride, with a clean and pure mind. Praying for oneself, their friends and family helps in curbing negativity from the planetary positions and brings about positivity.

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