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It has taken years of incessant research, led by our founder, Mr. Vidya Sagar Mahtha, to bring this new theory into existence. He started observing the flaws in the subject of astrology when he was only 24 years young, and to comprehend the existing rules of astrology, he went deeply through all the books and epics of those times. His children, Mrs. Sangita Puri, Mr. Amar Jyoti, Mrs. Shalini Khanna and Mr. Ashesh Kumar have continued further research into the field aided by their father. Here’s the team in further detail –

Mr. Vidya Sagar Mahtha
‘JyotishVachaspati’, ‘Jyotish-Ratna’, ‘Jyotish-Manishi’ ,’GoldMedalist’ , First prize winner in All India Astrology Competition, discoverer of the theory of kinetic and potential energy of planets and the theory of drawing life-graphs showing ups/downs and negative/positive periods regarding health, wealth, education, conjugal life, social, political position, establishment, property and what not, Writer of the monthlies like Bhartiya-Jyotish, Jyotish- Bodh, Jyotish-Martand, Jyotish-Sagar and various books .

Sangita Puri
A specialist in Gatyatmak Jyotish, she blogs regularly on the topic. She has also published a book laying out Gatyatmak Jyotish in a lucid style. She was selected one among 100 women achievers in 2016 by the Union Minister of Women and Child Development, Mrs. Menaka Gandhi. In addition, she also had the privilege of being invited by the Hon. President Mr. Pranab Mukherjee for lunch on 22nd January, 2016 on the occasion of the first anniversary the Prime Minister’s ambitious plan ‘Betibachao, BetiPadhao’. The governor of Jharkhand, Mrs. Dropadi Murmu also honoured her with ‘Aparajita Award’ organized by the newspaper ‘PrabhatKhabar’.

Amar Jyoti
Specialist in GatyatmakJyotish, a minute observer providing life-graphs showing ups/downs and negative/positive circumstances of whole life along with proper description, responsible for GatyatmakJyotish operations in Delhi & NCR.

Shalini Khanna
Specialist in GatyatmakJyotish and Dainik Hindustan Astrological Counselor in Dhanbad. She writes for some dailies & monthlies making important predictions on and off.

Ashesh Kumar
Specialist in GatyatmakJyotish. He manages the social media presence for GatyatmakJyotish.

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