online jyotish

online jyotish

Assuming the earth in the centre the 360 degrees of whole universe is divided into 12 equal parts by which all rashis become of 30 degree each. All these rashis are called Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Acquarius and Pisces. Three rashis are importantly considered in any horoscope. Firstly the rashi in which the sun of the native situated is considered as sun rashi. Next rashi in which the moon of the native situated is considered as moon rashi. The rashi which is rising in the eastern horizon at the time of the birth of the native is importantly considered as Lagna rashi. All those people getting birth in the duration of one month fall under the one sun rashi while all those people getting birth in the duration of around two and a half day fall under the one moon rashi. 


We often see rashiphal in almost all the news papers and magazines these days. In some magazines predictions are described as per sun rashi while in some other magazines these are described as per moon rashi but these are all unscientific while millions of people get in trap of it in vain. If lagna rashiphals are got to be started instead of sun rashiphal and moon rashiphal, then readers will be benefitted very much because if the difference is there of merely two hours in the births of two natives, then the one difference is sure to be there of change of ascendant while in moon rashi that difference takes place around after two and a half day (the natives being born during this period falls under the same moon rashi) and in sun rashi such a change takes place after a month (the natives being born during this period falls under the same sun rashi). But since the readers are unaware of their own ascendants, astrologers manage to get the rashiphal published in the magazines and newspapers for the public to avail it easily but it puts a question mark in the scientificness of astrology.

Lagna Rashifal

Any type of time bound accurate prediction can be done on the basis of ascendant of a person but there might be difference in the intensity for several persons. The lagnaphal written for some particular month will be the same for billions of people of that particular lagna although there might be some difference in level, environment, circumstances and some difference relative to their birth time planets. For instance, in some particular time for some ascendant the profit of a labourer can be rupees 25 to 50 while for a businessman such profit can be in millions of rupees. Such type of prediction can be made on the basis of ‘Gatyatmak Gochar Pranali’. 

online jyotish 

All the more Gatyatmak Jyotish has managed to provide Daily & Yearly prediction through the app Gatyatmak Jyotish on the basis of mutual correlation between birth time all planets' situation and its current moving position. So please don't forget to install the app and feel its accuracy. In our Gatyatmak Jyotish App, You may see about all online jyotish 2020 in ---------

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