Prem jyotish weekly horoscope

Prem Jyotish weekly horoscope

When you click on the annual forecast link of our app, you will see predictions concerned with Romantic affairs, conjugal life, domestic matters, etc. on the 7th number in the dropdown. After taking a subscription, you will get various types of written sentences regarding your Romantic affairs, conjugal-life, domestic matters love horoscope compatibility ) giving several time-intervals for the whole two years:------

  1. There is likely to be happy in your marriage and family. You will also receive a lot of support from your in-laws.
  2. There might be unfavourable conditions regarding your marriage, family, and in-laws.

Both the above forecasts give information about some good to normal and some bad to the normal situation, it is not a big matter, unless your natal planets representing Romantic affairs, conjugal-life, domestic matters are weak and your case is not sensitive.
But when such predictions are written as:-------

  1. There will be important household tasks, including those concerning your partner, which will get completed. You will also see a lot of trust coming from your in-laws. Due to the effects of auspicious planets, there may arise a situation of success and pleasure related to these aspects. To avail of such an opportunity, your mind likely to be concentrated. Your efforts are likely to be fruitful in such a way.
  2. You will spend a lot of time and energy on resolving family issues. This will not be a good time for alliances, especially on the romantic front. Due to some inauspicious planets' adverse situation or pressure related to these aspects likely to let to over-concentration to cop up the same need to take precautions, Consultation may be required from us to understand it clearly during this period. 
prem jyotish weekly horoscope

love horoscope compatibility

Both such forecasts are indicative of very good and very bad conditions. Normally, we also call it being in someone's form and not in someone's form. Therefore additional preparation is needed before such predictions.

Sometimes such things will be written in the general forecast as:------
  1. Due to the effect of some active planets, responsibilities concerning these matters likely to increase. These things should be either strong automatically or circumstances are likely to be created in such a way to make a program for strengthening or changing in these matters.

This forecast seems to be quite normal, but this time interval also gives big changes. But it will be positive or negative, it is difficult for the app to tell it in the present time, so it is left out.

Sometimes 1 sentence has also been added with negative of Romantic-affairs, conjugal-life, domestic matters, which increases the intensity of forecast as:-------

  1. Due to the effects of some inauspicious planets, there may occur some disturbances like work not progressing properly. But thereafter circumstances should to be favorable.

But disturbance of any matter in such sentences will be very minor as :-------

  1. Due to the effects of some inauspicious planets, there may occur some disturbances like work not progressing properly. But thereafter circumstances should to be favorable.

If there are such sentences at any time as :------

  1. Due to the effects of some inauspicious planets, there may be existing some weakness concerning these matters. Some complications may increase if any big decisive step is taken at such a sensitive time.

In these cases unless necessary, do not start any work.

At some point such sentences might be seen:-----

  1. Due to the effects of inauspicious planets, these matters may make your environment negative related to any matter and cause some bad psychological effects by creating weakness or failure.

In addition, such predictions may contain such sentences at any time as:------
  1. Due to the effect of some auspicious planet, there should be positive effect related to any matter because of their pleasure and success and there must be its good psychological effect.

A similar discussion will be held tomorrow regarding routine, lifestyle matters.

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